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Kid's Bedroom Set

The kid's bedroom set comes with a tv stand, stand-up tv, and sound system. It's also got a remote control for the bed, the tv, and the bedding, and an intelligent design raina comforter set.

Best Kid's Bedroom Set Sale

This is a 4 person bed room with a small night light. The walls are blue with a calico critters on them. The bed is set with a red calico feeder. There is a small night light at the end of a long plastic cord.
the kid'sbedroom set comes with a glow in the dark star kit for the ceiling or a wall stickers to make it look like they're living in a galaxy far, far away. You can also get them a solar system decal for their bed room. This set also comes with a set of stickers to add some extra excitement to the room.
this is a costzon kids sofa set 2 seater armrest children couch lounge w footstool. It is the perfect addition to your child's bedroom set - perfect for playing or relaxing in. The armrests are made from durable materials, and the couch is low-pile to keep your child's body healthy and happy.